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06/08/2009 : Antiques Are Green

Antiques ARE green and there is now a campaign being led by Nigel Worboys to increase awareness of antiques and promote environmental factors of the trade.

The campaign is well underway and is gaining interest from all corners of the world, from America, Europe and Australia. The sole purpose of the campaign when it began earlier this year was to raise awareness of antiques being environmentally friendly. Antiques are items that have been recycled for many generations which means any carbon footprint in making them has long gone and they are recycled by handing them down to family members and friends or by selling them on through a dealer or by auction. By passing them on in this way, we are helping to conserve natural resources.

Antiques Are Green now has a logo which was recently voted in by readers of the Antiques Trade Gazette and by a public vote in BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine and will be widely publicised. The logo is to represent the campaign and show that antiques are sustainable, reusable and resalable.

The website for Antiques Are Green is currently under development and will be going live during September 2009.

We will be keeping you updated on the campaign but please feel free to comment and send us any feedback or suggestions.